Pepe AI Baby has come to bring along the AI revolution with the newest meme, PEPE. We boast our very own version of ChatGPT in our project, along with metaverse development and a plethora of cutting-edge technologies and blockchain dissemination

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, meme lovers, and investors alike, brace yourselves for the revolutionary emergence of PEPE AI Baby. This cutting-edge memecoin has quickly gained traction and follows the latest trend in the world of cryptocurrencies, drawing inspiration from the beloved Pepe meme. With its unique features and ambitious vision, PEPE AI Baby has set out to redefine the possibilities of the meme coin landscape.

  • Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection

  • Community Focused and fair launch. No dev or team tokens we will participated with everyone else.

  • Auto liquidity directly from transactions to a healthy chart

Community Focused

Automatic LP

BUSD Rewards

Prepare to be blown away by the most sensational NFT collection of the year! Introducing the groundbreaking Pepe AI Baby collection, freshly launched and ready to catapult you into a world of unimaginable possibilities. Get ready to unlock the rarest of gems with our three tantalizing rarities: common, rare, and legendary. But wait, there's more! As a proud holder of these exclusive NFTs, you'll gain unprecedented access to stake your assets and step into an extraordinary metaverse designed exclusively for you. Don't hesitate—join us now and embark on an exhilarating journey at the forefront of art, technology, and financial wizardry. Don't let this opportunity slip away—become a part of the Pepe AI Baby revolution today!

AI powered system, that automates support for your customers and employees
Our own AI CHAt already working

Pepe AI Baby is a deflationary token that is closely associated with technological advancements and the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Contract: 0x00110666e5B31Db18630B0ff35423e9AB7C74073

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain

  • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 PEAIBA

Pepe AI Baby token features low transaction fees, with only a 5% fee applied to purchases and a 5% fee applied to sales. Out of these fees, 60% is allocated
towards liquidity to ensure a stable and wellfunctioning market. Additionally, 20% of the fees are distributed as rewards in BUSD (Binance USD) to token holders, incentivizing longterm ownership. The remaining 20% is allocated for marketing purposes, allowing for strategic promotion and outreach efforts to expand the token's visibility and adoption

  • Buy Fee: 5%

  • Sell Fee: 5%

  • Develop a robust and secure smart contract for the Pepe AI Baby token.

  • Launch the token on a reputable decentralized exchange (DEX) platform.

  • Our own AI Chat

  • Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko Listing After Launch

  • Implement a comprehensive marketing campaign to create awareness and generate initial interest in the token.

  • Engage with the community through social media channels, forums, and partnerships to build a strong and supportive user base

  • Get on trend topics on twitter and other social medias to give us real visibility towards crypto world,

  • Continuously engage with the community through AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, regular updates, and community events.

  • Collaborate with influencers, content creators, and meme communities to expand the reach and adoption of the Pepe AI Baby token.

  • Establish strategic partnerships with meme-related platforms, NFT marketplaces, and online communities to foster widespread usage and acceptance.

  • CEX Listing

  • More to come...